This year is Galleria Rossella Colombari’s 40th anniversary.  Rossella Colombari, descendant of a historic family of antique dealers, is now glad to devote  part of her business to consulting services. In this moment of great uncertainty in the international markets, the quality of a work becomes a priority, as well as the awareness of the value of one’s collection.
The theme of the generational transfer of artistic heritage within families, with  constantly changing scenarios, requires an important reflection. Rossella Colombari, in the past 20 years, has played an important role as a member of the CNE (Compagnie Nationale des Experts) in Paris and has overseen the Vetting committees for international fairs such as PAD London and PAD Paris and conducted external technical consultancy for Design Miami/Basel and TEFAF Maastricht.  She was also chosen as CTU (Technical Office Consultant) by the Court of Milan and carries out consultancy services for Private Collections and Family Offices, including the organization ad hoc of national and international auctions for the economic enhancement of private collections.

Portrait of Rossella with her father Armando Colombari

Logo used by Armando Colombari, Rossella’s father, for his Appraisal services.

“As a child, I followed around first my grandfather and then my father to the workshops of artisans and restorers, where I was able to absorb technical lessons on the secrets of carpentry, patina, lacquers, and gilding. In my adolescent years, I started spending my Saturdays and Sundays as an auction assistant, preparing sales slips for antique dealers’ acquisitions. A unique experience both in regards to sales techniques as well as the purchasing strategies used in auction rooms. I followed my father’s activities as an antiques expert, assisting with his archives and analyses. As a result, I inherited the 'tête’ of an archivist and the pleasure of deepening knowledge of an object with a transversal method. I therefore developed on the field the comprehensive consulting services which I now offer."

“Wisdom is the combination of experience, knowledge, and good judgment. Wisdom does not come from eyes that study, but comes from eyes that see; It does not come from concentration, but from awareness ".

Rossella Colombari

Image is drawn from a painting by Jean Baptiste Guélard, Le Doyen de Me. Peintre (The Pains of a Painter), 18th century.
An image dear to Rossella as a sign of the passing of the torch from one generation to another.

Armando Colombari in his studio, 1972

Rossella Colombari in her first Gallery in Turin in 1984 with the Cylinder Desk, a unique piece designed by Carlo Mollino, 1946-48.

Technical Evaluation:
Technical analysis, including if necessary diagnostic support for the authenticity of the work and its intrinsic economic value.

Assistance regarding economic evaluation in regards to national and international markets and identification of possible sales strategies and the most adequate sales channels. Evaluation of value for insurance purposes and  asset divisions.

Estate Planning and Division:
Inventories for hereditary and property divisions, processing complete technical data sheets accompanied by photographic reproductions and description of the state of conservation. Cataloguing on site or remotely. The consultancy for hereditary and property divisions, in addition to including Italian design of the 20th century, includes antiques, photography and contemporary art.


Clients include:

Art collectors
Art appraisers
Gallery dealers
Auction houses
Art advisors
Art fair organizers / committees
Judges in art-related cases
Cultural property ministries


Consulting privati, CTU - Tribunale di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, Ambasciata Italiana  Stoccolma, Triennale di Milano, Domus, PAD London, PAD Paris, CNE - Compagnie Nationale des Experts, Paris, Domus Academy - Docente corso Master in Interior and Living Design, Cattedra di Andrea Branzi.




Tel: +39 – 02-29001189


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Consulting can be conducted in Italy or abroad.